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Bossa Hearing Aids Review: Real User Experience and Test Results

Discover the latest Bossa hearing aid device. Read our comprehensive review to know about its features, sound quality and overall performance.

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Bossa's TX-5 Mini is a highly effective and compact hearing aid that offers great performance. Its affordability, in comparison to other hearing aids, makes it a great choice if you're on a budget. Although it only comes in beige and lacks Bluetooth capability, and its small size may increase the risk of misplacing it, this remains an excellent option for those seeking an inexpensive and trustworthy hearing aid.

What We Like

There were a number of things that we liked from this Bossa product model and they are listed below:

Small as a pill: The device is incredibly small, with a size comparable to a pill.

Reduces background noise: It can significantly lessen the background noise for a better listening experience.

Up to 35 hours battery life: With just 1 full charge, the device can last for almost 1.5 days.

Costs less than $100: It's priced at only $89.97, which is significantly lower compared to other hearing aids in the market.

What We Don't Like

In testing, we also found a few disadvantages from this device which you should be aware of:

1 color available: There's only one color option available, so you won't be able to select a different color that matches your personal style or preferences.

No Bluetooth: You won't be able to wirelessly connect it to your phone or other devices because it doesn't come with Bluetooth connectivity.

Volume control needs work: The volume control on the hearing aid may be difficult to adjust as it is small and needs some improvement.

Might not work for some users: Although the hearing aid has some smart and advanced features, it's important to note that it may not be able to fully restore normal hearing for everyone who uses it.

About Bossa

Bossa is a hearing aid company that offers affordable and compact hearing aid models that are priced between $80 and $200, making them an accessible option for individuals with hearing loss who are looking for budget-friendly solutions. Despite their compact size and affordability, their hearing aids are designed to provide high-quality sound and improve the wearer's auditory experience.


The Bossa TX-5 Mini is an incredibly small hearing aid that lives up to its advertising claim of being smaller than a pill and measuring only 0.45 inches in size. That's really small!

And compared to other hearing aids on the market, this one is impressively compact, making it discreet and easy to wear.

Bossa TX-5 Mini compared to a pill
Bossa TX-5 Mini compared to a pill

Although it's only available in beige, this color was specifically chosen because it's designed to blend in with most skin tones and make the hearing aid virtually invisible when worn. While some may prefer other color options, the beige color is an excellent choice if you want to keep your hearing aid discreet and unnoticeable.

Hearing Aid Colors
Bossa TX-5 Mini Beige
Jabra Enhance Plus Beige Gold, Dark Grey
Horizon AX by Hear.com Beige, Black, Silver, Sandy Brown
Audicus Wave Beige, Black, Grey, Silver
Audien Atom Pro Beige
Eargo Neo HiFi Black
MDHearing VOLT Beige
Nano CIC Recharge Hearing Aids Blue (Left Ear) and Red (Right Ear)
Oticon More Silver, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Diamond Black, Chestnut Brown, Terracotta, Chroma Beige, Hear Pink
Onebridge Pro Beige
Audious Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aid Blue (Left Ear) and Red (Right Ear)


The device has been designed with a minimalist approach, which means it has only one volume control button due to its small size. However, adjusting the volume may be a bit challenging because of the tiny button, and you may need to use the included screwdriver to make the necessary volume adjustments. Nevertheless, the simple button design ensures ease of use and makes the hearing aid less noticeable when worn.

Bossa TX-5 Mini volume control
Bossa TX-5 Mini volume control

Sound Quality

The hearing aid uses their latest 2023 X5 Microchip, which is specifically targeted for 95% of the population with hearing loss. This microchip is equipped with advanced features, including built-in tinnitus management software and background noise elimination, both of which are automatic and require no user input. When you put the hearing aid in your ear, the sound will be adjusted within seconds, providing you with clear and optimized sound quality.

We conducted tests with several individuals who have hearing loss and found that a majority of them reported experiencing improved hearing after using the hearing aid. This feedback suggests that the hearing aid can be an effective solution for individuals with hearing loss who are looking to improve their auditory experience and quality of life.

We can't emphasize this enough:

The effectiveness of the hearing aid may vary depending on the individual's specific hearing needs and preferences, so it's recommended to consult with a hearing specialist to determine the best hearing aid option for you.

Battery Life

This hearing aid model can last up to 35 hours on a full charge, and the charger is a basic model that does not have internal rechargeable batteries to extend the battery life of the device. Our tests with the device over a few weeks revealed that the average actual battery life was around 34.4 hours, which is still a respectable amount of time considering the size of the device.

It's important to note:

The actual battery life may vary depending on usage patterns and environmental factors. Nonetheless, the long battery life of the TX-5 Mini is a significant advantage, as it ensures that you can wear it for an extended period without having to recharge it frequently.

Bossa TX-5 Mini charging case
Bossa TX-5 Mini charging case

In comparison...

Compared to its competitors, the TX-5 Mini's above-average battery life of 18 hours, is the more impressive choice for those seeking extended battery life. For example, the Jabra Enhance Plus has a maximum battery life of 12 hours, while the Eargo Neo HiFi can last for up to 16 hours. Therefore, the TX-5 Mini's longer battery life can provide more convenience and flexibility if you want want to use your hearing aids for longer periods without having to recharge them frequently.

Note: The comparison between the hearing aids is based on a single full charge and does not take into account the additional battery life that may be provided by charging cases with their own rechargeable batteries. The Bossa TX-5 Mini, however, features a basic charger that does not include this feature, so the comparison remains focused solely on the battery life of the hearing aids themselves. This consideration is important to keep in mind when assessing the overall value and convenience of a hearing aid model, as the availability of charging cases with additional battery life can significantly impact the device's practicality and ease of use.

Hearing Aid 1 Full Charge With Charging Case
Bossa TX-5 Mini Up to 35 hours N/A
Jabra Enhance Plus Up to 12 hours Up to 30 hours
Horizon AX by Hear.com Up to 28 hours N/A
Audicus Wave Up to 18 hours N/A
Audien Atom Pro Up to 24 hours Up to 4 days
Eargo Neo HiFi Up to 16 hours Up to 7 days
MD Hearing VOLT Up to 20 hours N/A
Nano CIC Recharge Hearing Aids Up to 16 hours Up to 60 hours
Oticon More Up to 24 hours N/A
Onebridge Pro Up to 20 hours Up to 5 days
Audious Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aid Up to 2 days N/A


It's worth noting that Bossa's hearing aids, including the TX-5 Mini model, do not have Bluetooth wireless connectivity features, which means they cannot be paired with mobile devices. In addition, the manufacture has not developed any accompanying mobile apps for their products, so the only way to control the hearing aids is through the physical controls on the device itself.

While this may be seen as a drawback if you're the kind of user who's accustomed to controlling your hearing aids through mobile devices or apps, you might appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of the device's design, which eliminates the need for additional technologies and features that may complicate the user experience. Ultimately, the absence of Bluetooth connectivity and mobile apps is a trade-off that you should consider based on your individual needs and preferences.

Customer Service

If you're having any questions or issues with their hearing aid, you might want to visit the Bossa Hearing Support page on their website before reaching out to customer service. It's not a lot, but there's some useful information there that could save you some time and help you find the answers you need.

Bossa Hearing support page
Bossa Hearing support page

Now if you still prefer to speak with someone from the Bossa Hearing customer service, team, don't worry because there are multiple ways to get in touch. Here are a few methods you can use to contact their agents:

  • Phone: You can call them at 1-626-829-1432.
  • Email: There's no specific email address to send them an email directly. You'll need to access their contact form to send a message.
  • Live Chat: This can be accessed from their website going to the Support page and using the chat window at the lower lefthand corner of the screen.

So how was it?

It's worth noting that if you need to contact Bossa's customer service team, you can give them a call during their operating hours from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PST). However, just keep in mind that they don't have 24/7 phone support available. Overall, we found our experience with their phone support team to be satisfactory.

Email communication with the customer service team was generally satisfactory, but it's important to note that response times can take a few hours to up to 24 hours.

Using the live chat feature was very user-friendly as we could initiate a session with just a few clicks, but it's important to note that their agents are only available during specific hours, similar to their phone support.

Bossa Hearing live chat
Bossa Hearing live chat


The Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid is a great option for those looking for an affordable hearing aid. Priced at just $89.97, it is significantly cheaper than the average hearing aid which costs around $2000 to $3000 for a pair of adult hearing aids. In general, the Bossa hearing cost is more reasonable than its competitors.

Purchasing Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aids
Purchasing Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aids

During the ordering process, you'll also be offered with the Bossa Protect. This add-on subscription costs $99 and will cover your warranty for 3 years including cleaning and care services, and a one-time loss protection.

When you order this hearing aid online from Bossa's website, you'll have the option to purchase their Premium Warranty add-on for just $4.97 a month. This warranty offers coverage for damages, loss, and theft of the device, making it a good deal if you're the kind of person who tends to misplace or accidentally damage your hearing aids. While the cost may seem small, it's worth considering, especially since the TX-5 Mini's initial price tag is already relatively inexpensive compared to other hearing aids on the market.

Bossa Hearing premium warranty offer
Bossa Hearing premium warranty offer

In addition to this, you can also use a Bossa hearing aids discount code to further lessen the cost.

There’s more…

It also includes free shipping, so you don't have to worry about any extra costs. On top of that, Bossa offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, giving you enough time to fully evaluate the device's performance. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the hearing aid within this period, you may request a refund as long as it is still within the allowed time frame.

Hearing Aid Price Free Shipping Money-Back Guarantee
Bossa TX-5 Mini $89.97 45 days
Jabra Enhance Plus $799 45 days
Horizon AX by Hear.com $2570 45 days
Audicus Wave $1398 45 days
Audien Atom Pro $249 45 days
Eargo Neo HiFi $1999 45 days
MDHearing VOLT $299.98 45 days
Nano CIC Recharge Hearing Aids $297 45 days
Oticon More $3095 45 days
Onebridge Pro $299.99 45 days
Audious Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aid $177 90 days

Where To Buy?

If you're interested in buying Bossa hearing aids, the official website at www.bossahearing.com is the most convenient and hassle-free way to do so. By ordering directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure that you're getting the authentic product. Plus, you might even score some special deals or add-ons to make your purchase more cost-effective.

Alternatively, you can also consider other options such as audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, and online retailers. It's always a good idea to do your research and compare prices and features before making a purchase to ensure that you're getting the most value for your money.


It's important to note that there are many other hearing aid brands available on the market, each offering a range of features and technologies to meet the unique needs of hearing aid users.

These brands offer a variety of options, including hearing aid styles, levels of technology, and different price points. Most of these alternative hearing aid brands offer not just high-quality devices, but also excellent customer service and this makes them a viable option if you’re searching for an alternative to more well-known brands.

Here are some popular hearing aids that we recommend which can be an alternative to the Bossa TX-5 Mini:


In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid. Whether you're wondering about compatibility, features, maintenance, or anything else, we've got you covered.

How does the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid work?

This hearing aid works by using a microphone to pick up sound from the environment, which is then processed by its 2023 X5 Microchip to amplify and clarify the sounds. The amplified sound is then sent to a speaker, which delivers the sound directly to the ear.

Is the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid compatible with my phone or other devices?

No. The Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid doesn't support Bluetooth connectivity, which means it cannot be paired with your smartphone or other devices through this wireless technology. Additionally, there's no app available to control the hearing aid as Bossa didn't develop one.

How do I adjust the volume on the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid?

To adjust the volume, you'll need to use the mini screwdriver included in the package to rotate the tiny volume wheel. Turning the wheel clockwise will increase the volume, while turning it counterclockwise will decrease it.

How do I clean and maintain the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid?

To clean this hearing aid, you can start by removing the ear tips and using a cotton swab to gently clean the device. This will remove any buildup of wax, skin, or hair that could potentially block the sensors on the device.

Is the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid covered by insurance?

If you order from the Bossa official website, payment is required upfront. It's recommended to check with your insurance company to see if you are eligible to make a reimbursement claim for your purchase.

How long does the battery last on the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid?

A single full charge can give your device a battery life of around 35 hours.

Can the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid be used with a streaming device?

No, since this hearing aid model doesn't have Bluetooth capability, it's not possible to connect and pair it with any other device.

Are there any warranties or guarantees for the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid?

Yes, the TX-5 Mini hearing aid comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee that begins after your purchase. This allows you to request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product's performance for any reason.

Is there a hearing test needed to use the Bossa TX-5 Mini hearing aid?

No, you are not required to undergo a hearing test in order to buy or use this hearing aid.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

After conducting several tests on the Bossa TX-5 Mini, we can conclude that it's a remarkable small hearing aid that performs really well.

Compared to other hearing aids, it's much more affordable, making it a great option for those on a tight budget. The only drawbacks are its limited color selection (beige only), lack of Bluetooth capability, and its small size, which could increase the chances of losing it.

Nevertheless, the Bossa TX-5 Mini is a great option for those looking for an affordable and reliable hearing aid.

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