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Bossa Hearing Cost

Explore detailed pricing information about Bossa hearing aids and their accessories. Learn about warranties, shipping costs, and more in this extensive guide.

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This page serves as an extensive guide about the cost of Bossa Hearing aids and accessories. We aim to provide you with essential information related to it, making your buying experience seamless and informed.

Bossa: An Overview

Bossa is a reputable brand that offers a wide array of hearing aids tailored to individual needs. Their product range varies, from compact designs to advanced models, each crafted meticulously to provide superior sound quality and comfort.

Cost of Hearing Aids

The cost of Bossa Hearing aids ranges from an affordable $79.97 to a premium $197.97, catering to a diverse set of budgetary constraints:

  1. The TX-1 Mini (Full Pair), priced at $79.97 instead of $149.98, provides a compact and comfortable solution to hearing loss at an affordable price.
  2. The TX-5 Mini, available at a cost of $89 instead of $249.97, offers advanced features and superior sound quality, making it an excellent value for money.
  3. The ProTon Plus+ (Full Pair) is the premium model, costing $197.97 instead of $997.97. This advanced model boasts of state-of-the-art technology that provides an unparalleled hearing experience.

Factors Influencing the Price

Several factors contribute to the price of Bossa Hearing aids:

  • Features and Technology: More advanced models with superior sound quality, noise reduction capabilities, and better battery life typically cost more.
  • Warranty and Aftercare: The extent of the warranty and aftercare services can influence the cost. Products with comprehensive warranties and aftercare services may be priced higher.
  • Place of Purchase: The platform from which you purchase can also affect the price due to differences in overhead costs.

Comparing the Cost of Bossa to Other Hearing Aids

When compared to other brands in the market, Bossa provides high-quality hearing aids at competitive prices. The brand stands out with its commitment to affordability without compromising on quality and features.

Discount Code

Bossa provides an opportunity for additional savings via promotional codes. These codes, when entered in the designated field at checkout, reduce the total cost of your purchase. Remember to ensure the code's validity and applicability for a successful discount.

Cost of Accessories

Bossa also offers a variety of accessories to enhance your hearing experience and maintain your device:

  • TX-5 Charging Kit: $25
  • TX-5 Accessory Pack: $10
  • Bossa Ear Cleaner: $29
  • TX-5 Wax Guard Kit: $10
  • TX-1 Charging Kit 2022 Model: $15
  • TX-1 Accessory Pack 2021/2022 Model: $10
  • TX-1 Charging Kit 2021 Model: $10

Accepted Payment Methods

Bossa supports major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. Other payment methods such as PayPal and Google Pay are currently not accepted.

Premium Warranty

Bossa offers a premium warranty that covers theft, loss, damages, and more for just $4.97 a month. This comprehensive coverage ensures that you are protected against unexpected incidents, offering peace of mind and excellent value.


Bossa ships to the USA, Canada, and the UK via USPS Priority Shipping. For Canadian customers, a shipping fee of $14.97 is applied.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Bossa is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable hearing solutions. From a diverse range of hearing aids to essential accessories, Bossa ensures excellent value for money. Remember to factor in shipping costs and consider the premium warranty for total coverage.

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