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hear.com Horizon AX Go Hearing Aids Review: Real User Experience &Test Results

Sound Quality
Battery Life

Wondering if the Horizon AX Go by Hear.com is the best hearing aid in the market? Read this detailed review and see the outcome of our assessment.

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The Horizon Go AX works works well if you're experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss although this doesn't guarantee that will well for all. It has a noteworthy battery life that can last for more than a day and can be connected on a smartphone app for more customizations. It's a bit pricey though costing around $2500 but the high price tag is worth your money if you're looking for a good quality hearing aid.

What We Like

We actually liked a lot of things about the Horizon Go AX and these are worth mentioning:

Separates speech from noise: Its dynamic sound processing technology effectively distinguishes speech from background noise so you can communicate better.

Supports iOS and Android: The device can be easily connected to iPhones or Android smartphones using Bluetooth and can also be managed via their Horizon app.

Long battery life: With a single full charge, the device give you up to 28 hours of battery life, lasting over a day.

USB type C connector: The included charger uses the type C port so it's easy to find a replacement cable in case the original one is lost.

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What We Don't Like

On the other hand, there are also a few things that we didn't like about this hearing aid as per our tests:

No buttons: The only function you can do is double tapping over your ear canal for changing programs.

Cost: Its price tag is higher than its competitors but if you're willing shell out more money, then this wouldn't be an issue

Limited effectiveness for some users: While these hearing aids are designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss, it may not be able to completely restore normal hearing for certain users.

About hear.com

Founded in 2012, hear.com is a German company that provides a range of products, including medical-grade rechargeable hearing aids under the brand name Horizon. They also offer a personal hearing test and consultation services.


The Horizon Go AX model is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) type. Since it's not like the in-the-ear (ITE), it cannot be completely hidden but it still managed to have a sleek and discreet design so it's not easy to notice that you're wearing them in most cases.

Horizon Go AX in sandy brown color
Horizon Go AX in sandy brown color

This particular hearing aid model is 4 color options: beige, black, silver, and sandy brown. The device's sleek design and color options make it a perfect choice for personal or professional use.

Hearing Aid Colors
Horizon AX by Hear.com Beige, Black, Silver, Sandy Brown
Jabra Enhance Plus Beige Gold, Dark Grey
Audicus Wave Beige, Black, Grey, Silver
Audien Atom Pro Beige
Eargo Neo HiFi Black
MDHearing VOLT Beige
Audious Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aid Blue (Left Ear) and Red (Right Ear)

We can say that the Go AX version offers both style and functionality and whether you're looking for a neutral or bold look, there's a color for you since they made them available in different colors.

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Physically controlling the device can be done via the visible button which has a rocker switch design. You won't hear any clicks when pressing the switch since operating it can be simply be done with a touch. This is makes it a lot easier to use in comparison to their older models.

Via this switch you'll be able to do several actions, such as adjusting the volume or switching from one program to another.

Sound Quality

Keep in mind that the sound quality of the hearing aids will still depend on a number of factors, including the severity of your hearing loss, and the listening environment. In general, the Horizon Go AX hearing aids were able to provide high-quality sounds and are capable of amplifying sound waves accurately and effectively based on the tests that we did.

Since the device is equipped with noise reduction technology, it really helped in improving the sound quality by reducing background noise and focusing on specific sounds. If you constantly hear a ringing noise in your ears, then the device’s tinnitus masking can be a very useful feature. It uses external sounds or noise to effectively cover up and reduce the perception of tinnitus.

It’s important to remember:

Hearing aids may not be able to completely restore your normal hearing and may not be effective for all types of hearing loss. It is also important for you to properly care for and maintain their hearing aid to ensure that it is providing the best possible sound quality and is still functioning properly.

Battery Life

What's great about this hearing aid is that you'll be able to use it for more than a whole day. One full charge can give the device a whopping battery life of 28 hours!

There's downside though...

The charging case doesn't have any built-in rechargeable batteries. It is a basic charger that will just power-up the device and nothing else. What's interesting though is that it already uses a USB type C connector, so you can plug your regular phone or tablet charger since most devices these days are now using the same type of port.

Based on our actual tests, we found that the battery life of the Horizon Go AX lasts for around 27 hours with a single full charge. Do take note that this was done with regular usage without utilizing any of the other functions. Using the streaming and wireless features can significantly lower the battery life.

Charging case for the Horizon Go AX
Charging case for the Horizon Go AX

In comparison...

Other hearing aids in the market like the Jabra Enhance Plus can last for 12 hours with single charge so the Horizon Go AX is far more superior. Jabra, however, does come with a charger with built-in batteries so it can extend their device's life to 35 hours. Take note that this comparison is based on our actual tests and individual experiences may vary.

Hearing Aid 1 Full Charge With Charging Case
Horizon AX by Hear.com Up to 28 hours N/A
Jabra Enhance Plus Up to 12 hours Up to 30 hours
Audicus Wave Up to 18 hours N/A
Audien Atom Pro Up to 24 hours Up to 4 days
Eargo Neo HiFi Up to 16 hours Up to 7 days
MD Hearing VOLT Up to 20 hours N/A
Audious Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aid Up to 2 days N/A

Note: Your hearing aid's battery life greatly depends on different factors such as usage, volume level and settings. It's possible that using it primarily for phone calls and streaming music may result in shorter battery life as compared to using it solely for hearing assistance so it's advisable that you monitor its usage and adjust settings accordingly for a better battery performance and durability.

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All Horizon hearing aids can be paired on smartphones via Bluetooth and further customized using the hear.com HORIZON app that can be installed on mobile devices that are powered by either iOS or Android.

Hear.com mobile app
Hear.com mobile app

Here's the exciting part…

What we liked about this app is that we were able to customize settings for different kinds of environments. It was also nice to know that we can make adjustments to the device's settings for phone and TV usage. Additionally, individualized treble and bass adjustments for each ear in each program are possible so you can have a more personalized hearing experience.

Customer Service

We can’t emphasize enough… 

It is highly important that you have access to good customer service when you’re going to use a hearing aid, as these devices are a significant investment and may eventually require maintenance and support depending on your usage and wear and tear.

For starters...

The FAQ has some useful information and these might actually answer most questions. It's not that comprehensive but still worth checking out to save time.

Hear.com FAQ page
Hear.com FAQ page

Now, if you still prefer to talk to one of their agents, then here are the ways to communicate with them:

  • Phone: You can give them a call at 786-520-2456.
  • Email: You can directly send an email message to [email protected].
  • Live Chat: This can be accessed on the lower right hand corner of their website.

So how did it turn out?

Hear.com's customer service was responsive and efficient during our tests. We contacted them by opening a support ticket and received a response within a few hours. Phone and live chat were the quickest ways to reach a live agent.

Hear.com live chat
Hear.com live chat

Email support was slower and we typically received a reply the next day. Overall, Hear.com's customer service was helpful and provided useful information in a timely manner.

It's also worth mentioning that there are over 2000 Hear.com locations across the US that you can personally visit for hearing evalutions.


If you're wondering about the Hear.com cost for the Horizon Go AX model, its current price tag online is $2570. Now, if you're curious as to how much a pair of adult hearing aid would cost, the price could be from $2,000 to $3,000 if it's from a known brand, so this particular device from Hear.com falls within the average range.

Hear.com no-risk trial form
Hear.com no-risk trial form

The downside?

There's no free shipping. That means you'll need to shoulder the shipping costs and this may vary depending on which state you are located.

There’s more…

There's a Hear.com free trial and similar to most hearing aid brands, your order is covered with a 45-day money-back guarantee. We believe that this coverage is already quite generous for you to test and use the device and in case you're not happy with its performance, then can just simply file for a refund.

Hearing Aid Price Free Shipping Money-Back Guarantee
Horizon AX by Hear.com $2570 45 days
Jabra Enhance Plus $799 45 days
Audicus Wave $1398 45 days
Audien Atom Pro $249 45 days
Eargo Neo HiFi $1999 45 days
MDHearing VOLT $299.98 45 days
Audious Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aid $177 90 days
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Where To Buy?

Given that the company name is hear.com, ordering the hearing aids can be directly done on their official site, www.hear.com. Via this method, you'll be able to purchase directly from the source and have access to the latest models and features.

As a customer, you might also want to consider checking with other retailers or comparing prices and features before making a decision.


It's important to note that there are many other hearing aid brands available on the market, each offering a range of features and technologies to meet the unique needs of hearing aid users.

These brands offer a variety of options, including hearing aid styles, levels of technology, and different price points. Most of these alternative hearing aid brands offer not just high-quality devices, but also excellent customer service and this makes them a viable option if you’re searching for an alternative to more well-known brands.

Here are some popular hearing aids that we recommend which can be an alternative to the Horizon Go AX:


In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Horizon Go AX hearing aid. Whether you're wondering about compatibility, features, maintenance, or anything else, we've got you covered.

How does the Horizon Go AX hearing aid work?

This device has 2 processors and each has its own purpose. One processor works on improving the speech, while the other one recognizes the environmental noises and filters them. The end result is an improved audio so you can hear speech more clearly and communicate better.

Is the Horizon Go AX hearing aid compatible with my phone or other devices?

This specific Hear.com hearing aid model can be paired with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth and controlled using the Hear.com Horizon mobile app.

How do I adjust the volume on the Horizon Go AX hearing aid?

Simply tap the rocker switch on the device to control the volume. Tapping on the top switch increases the sound while tapping on the bottom one will lower the volume.

How do I clean and maintain the Horizon Go AX hearing aid?

You may use the included cleaning accessories on the package to clean your device and take out the dirt and excess wax.

Is the Horizon Go AX hearing aid covered by insurance?

All hearing aids purchased on the official Hear.com website are paid upfront. Please check with your insurance company if you are eligible for a reimbursement claim for this purchase.

How long does the battery last on the Horizon Go AX hearing aid?

A single full charge of the Horizon Go AX can give the device a maximum battery life of 28 hours.

Can the Horizon Go AX hearing aid be used with a streaming device?

Yes, this specific hearing aid model is compatible with streaming devices that support Bluetooth wireless connection.

Are there any warranties or guarantees for the Horizon Go AX hearing aid?

Yes, Hear.com offers a 45-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of their hearing aids, you can file for a refund within this period.

Is there a hearing test needed to use the Horizon Go AX hearing aid?

No. You can use this hearing aid straight out of the box. However, you may utilize the Hear.com online hearing test if you wish to. This test only takes around 5 minutes and can be done on this specific model.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

Based on our comprehensive test of the Horizon Go AX, we therefore conclude that this particular hearing aid model is quite a good one.

Hearing-wise, we were very happy with its performance although it had a hard time amplifying sounds in a noisy and outdoor environment. You won't be able to completely hide it since it was not made to be invisible but the discreet design was effective in making it less noticeable in most cases.

Yes, it's a bit pricey, costing more than $2500 but the sound quality and additional features definitely make up for it.

In general, the Horizon Go AX does the job and long-lasting, and worth the extra cost.

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