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Dive into the world of Jabra Enhance Pro. Our detailed review covers everything from its sound technology to comfort and price. Discover more today.

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In the realm of hearing technology, Jabra has carved a niche for itself with its innovative products that blend style, comfort, and state-of-the-art technology. The Jabra Enhance Pro, one of the newest models of the Jabra Enhance brand, is no exception. This piece aims to provide an unbiased and thorough review of the Jabra Enhance Pro. By delving into its unique features, sound quality, design, pricing, and more, we'll explore whether this hearing aid is the right choice for you.

Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aid
Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aid

Starting from the roots, it's important to grasp the essence of Jabra as a brand. Jabra, a subsidiary of GN Group, has been a forerunner in the sound solutions industry, renowned for its sophisticated hearing aids, headphones, and professional headsets. Their dedication to marrying innovative design with premium sound quality is evident in their latest offering, the Jabra Enhance Pro.

Unveiling the Jabra Enhance Pro

The Jabra Enhance Pro is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering top-tier products. It features a sleek, modern design that redefines the perception of hearing aids from being merely functional to fashionable. The Enhance Pro is a receiver-in-ear (RIE) hearing aid, available in several color options to match the wearer's style.

Design and Comfort

The design of the Jabra Enhance Pro is sleek and unobtrusive, enabling the wearer to feel comfortable and confident. The hearing aid is discreet and lightweight, ensuring long-lasting comfort even with prolonged usage. It is available in a range of color options, from classic neutrals to more adventurous hues, making it a versatile accessory for every style preference.

The fit of the Enhance Pro can be customized according to individual needs. The range of ear tips available ensures that users can find the perfect fit, maximizing comfort and sound delivery. Moreover, the device is rated IP52 for dust and water resistance, adding a layer of durability and protection.

Sound Quality and Technology

In terms of sound quality, the Jabra Enhance Pro promises a rich, clear, and immersive listening experience. Its sound technology aims to deliver a natural hearing experience, enhancing speech clarity while reducing background noise. The device uses digital signal processing to ensure that sounds are amplified and delivered accurately.

One standout feature of the Enhance Pro is its SmartSound technology. This feature utilizes AI to automatically adjust the sound settings based on the user's environment, ensuring optimal sound quality regardless of the surroundings.

The Enhance Pro also offers a tinnitus masker feature for those struggling with this condition. This feature generates a soothing sound that can be customized according to individual preferences, helping to mask the irritating tinnitus sound and providing relief to the user.

Connectivity and App Support

In this digital age, the ability to connect your hearing aid to other devices is crucial. The Jabra Enhance Pro offers seamless connectivity options, allowing users to stream audio from their smartphones, tablets, or televisions directly to their hearing aids.

The device is compatible with both Android and iOS, offering easy pairing via Bluetooth. This connectivity feature makes it possible to enjoy music, podcasts, or calls directly through the hearing aids. The Enhance Pro also supports hands-free calls, a particularly useful feature in our increasingly hands-free world.

The Jabra Sound+ app is another key component of the Enhance Pro's user experience. This comprehensive app allows users to personalize their hearing experience, adjusting settings like volume, equalizer bands, and noise reduction to suit individual preferences and the acoustic environment. Furthermore, the app's "Find My Jabra" feature is a practical tool that helps users locate their hearing aids if misplaced.

The app also supports remote hearing care. This means that users can have virtual consultations with hearing care professionals, who can then adjust the settings of the hearing aids remotely. This feature not only adds a layer of convenience for the user but also ensures that they can receive the necessary support and care, regardless of their geographical location.

Battery Life

The Jabra Enhance Pro offers an impressive battery life. The hearing aids use size 312 batteries, which are known for their longevity and dependability. On average, users can expect the batteries to last up to 6-8 days, depending on usage. The device also features a low battery warning, ensuring users are never caught off guard.

Hearing Enhancement

At its core, the Jabra Enhance Pro is a device designed to improve the quality of life for individuals with hearing impairment. It features four listening programs: All-Around, Restaurant, Transport, and Outdoor, each tailored to optimize hearing in specific situations. This allows users to switch between programs based on their environment, ensuring the best possible hearing experience.

Moreover, the device comes with a Sound Shaper feature that enhances the clarity of high-frequency sounds, often a problem area for individuals with hearing loss. This ensures that users don't miss out on the nuances of conversation or the subtle notes in music.

Pricing and Value for Money

In terms of pricing, the Jabra Enhance Pro sits within the mid-range category of hearing aids. While it's not the cheapest on the market, its array of features and the brand's reputation for quality and reliability provide a good value proposition. The cost also includes a three-year warranty, providing assurance of the product's durability and long-term performance.

Consumer Support

Jabra offers comprehensive customer support for its products. For the Enhance Pro, users can reach out to Jabra's customer service team for assistance. Additionally, the Jabra website offers a wealth of resources, including user manuals, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. This commitment to post-purchase support enhances the overall user experience and demonstrates the brand's dedication to customer satisfaction.


In summary, the Jabra Enhance Pro offers a blend of style, comfort, and cutting-edge technology, making it a strong contender in the hearing aid market. Its sleek design, customizable sound settings, and seamless connectivity make it a versatile and modern choice. The device's standout features, such as SmartSound technology, tinnitus masker, and app support, set it apart from its competitors.

While the price point may be a consideration, the value derived from the device's features, coupled with Jabra's reputation for quality and customer support, make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking an advanced, personalized hearing solution.

However, as with any medical device, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if the Jabra Enhance Pro is the right choice for your specific needs and lifestyle.

This comprehensive review aims to provide a balanced perspective on the Jabra Enhance Pro. As with any product, individual experiences may vary, and what works best for one person might not work as well for another. It's crucial to understand your needs and weigh them against the features and benefits of the device before making a decision.

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