How We Rated

Here at TopHearingAid, we take our responsibility to provide accurate and informative reviews of hearing aids seriously.

To ensure the highest level of quality, we evaluate each device on multiple parameters. Here is an overview of how we rate each device:


We evaluate the design of the hearing aid and assess if it offers different color options. We believe that the more color choices a hearing aid provides, the better. We also consider factors such as comfort and style when evaluating the design.


We assess the physical buttons or controls of the hearing aid and evaluate if they are easy to use and remember. We consider factors such as the location and accessibility of the controls.

Sound Quality

We conduct actual tests of the device with various users with hearing disabilities and assess if the device provides high-quality sounds. We also evaluate if the hearing aid is capable of amplifying sound waves accurately. Our tests consider various scenarios such as noisy environments, music playback, and phone calls.

Battery Life

We test the batteries of the devices for several weeks and in different conditions to see how its battery life performs. We compare the promised battery life with our test results to ensure that the device delivers as advertised. We also consider factors such as battery type and charging options.


If the hearing aid is compatible with the manufacturer’s app, we also test its features and usability. We evaluate if the app offers useful features such as sound adjustment, battery life monitoring, and remote control. We also consider factors such as the app's compatibility with different operating systems.

Customer Service

We try contacting the support department via all possible methods to see how fast and efficient they are in handling customer issues. We evaluate the quality of customer service provided since aftersales is very important, especially when the device encounters technical issues or stops working. We also consider factors such as the availability of a user manual and online support resources.


We thoroughly research the actual price of the device and compare it with other hearing aids to determine if their price tags are higher or lower. We also take into consideration factors such as shipping costs, warranty, and discounts. We also assess the value of the hearing aid and determine if it is reasonable based on its features and overall quality.

We hope this "How We Rate" page helps you understand our review process. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information about hearing aids, so you can make informed decisions about which hearing aid is right for you.

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